Loss Prevention

Risk Consulting Services

Through the utilization of sophisticated risk control programs and engineering recommendations, McGriff, Seibels & Williams can help you avoid costly claims.
McGriff has assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced risk control professionals who are committed to assisting our clients with their loss prevention objectives.
We strongly believe that safety engineering and claims management should not be viewed as separate functions. Analysis of claims data can provide a roadmap for concentrating loss control efforts that will yield the greatest results. That’s why we work hard with your staff to help recognize problems and develop solutions before a loss occurs. Our professionals will assist you in assessing the effectiveness of your existing programs and procedures, and provide specific recommendations for improvements. A loss control program will be designed to meet the needs of each individual client, as we realize that all clients are different and confront challenges that are unique to their industry and company.

Some of the distinguishing features of our Loss Prevention services include:


Rapid Response for Major Loss Situations

McGriff’s risk control professionals are available when you need them. Our professionals will respond immediately to your loss event to assist in evaluating the loss circumstances and to help determine the best response measures. We provide advocacy service to the client, and will help in whatever ways we can—from taking photographs and gathering information to assisting with prompt and professional claim processing. A quick response assists you and your insurer in determining what steps need to be taken to bring the loss to a timely and satisfactory conclusion.

Internet Safety Training

If you are considering Internet-based safety training, McGriff’s experts can discuss options available from various vendors along with the keys to effective implementation. These programs are especially useful for large companies with a geographically diverse employee population. Internet-based training can efficiently reach a sizeable number of employees and can facilitate the accurate record keeping of your training efforts. In addition, a broad curriculum is available, which often includes all the required OSHA training modules.

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Today's regulatory environment changes quickly and compliance protocols differ considerably from state to state. McGriff's team of risk control professionals provide frequent updates on changes in both the Federal and State laws regarding liability, employee and fleet safety program. When needed, we can help you develop a program that will meet requirements by utilizing internal and recommended external resources for online and/or onsite training and program development.