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Transactional Risk Insurance

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McGriff has a dedicated group of insurance professionals focused on merger and acquisition risk management. From initial review to closing, we’re with you until the deal is done, combining big broker capabilities with a personalized, boutique agency level of service. 

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Customized transaction solutions

We have expertise with several customized insurance programs, such as:

  • Environmental Caps & Buyouts 
    Protects against uncertainties associated with environmental cleanup costs, covers costs associated with known contamination conditions requiring remediation, and eliminates the risk of cleanup cost overruns. Coverage is also available for unknown liabilities on a pure risk-transfer basis
  • Group Purchasing Programs 
    Provides coordinated program placement and management combined with attentive local service, offering portfolio companies broad coverage and better access to coverage and limits
  • Credit Enhancement 
    Use insurance company balance sheets to guarantee cash flow, lease payments, or improve your credit position 
  • Tax Opinion Guarantee Insurance 
    Protects your tax position, supported by an opinion letter, against a future adverse ruling from the IRS. By transferring certain tax exposures to a third party, investors can sell portfolio companies and eliminate the required tax escrow
  • Aborted Bid Costs 
    Reimburses your company for direct costs associated with an aborted transaction that failed for reasons outside your control (such as regulatory intervention, a counter bid, withdrawal by another party to the transaction, etc.)
  • Retrospective IBNR Coverage 
    Protects from unknown claims not yet reported, stabilizing the balance sheet against an event that could negatively impact a corporation’s financial picture
  • Alternative Collateral Strategies 
    Replace letter of credit requirements for self-insured workers’ compensation obligations through the use of a surety bond 
  • Letters of Credit 
    A credit extension from one party to another to support a business transaction guaranteed by a bank. In a risk management context, a letter of credit (LOC) involves three parties: the buyer of the LOC (the insured), the issuer (the bank), and the beneficiary (the insurer, regulator, government entity, or other party) in whose favor it’s drawn
  • Representation & Warranty Insurance 
    Provides coverage for a breach of the seller’s representations and warranties in a merger or acquisition transaction. For private equity clients looking to close a transaction, this coverage reduces or eliminates the escrow requirements typically outlined in the purchase and sale agreement

Insurance products and services offered through McGriff Insurance Services, LLC, a subsidiary of TIH Insurance Holdings, LCC, are not a deposit, not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by a bank, not insured by any federal government agency and may go down in value.

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