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Providing innovative risk management solutions for our clients

Are you looking for alternative ways to manage your organization’s risk?

Do you want more control over your insurance costs?

At McGriff, we have a dedicated team that advises clients who may be interested in captive or Alternative Risk Transfer (ART) options. Our goal is to provide support and expertise so you have the knowledge and confidence to choose a risk management solution that best fits your organization and management philosophy.

Benefits of captive insurance solutions

Types of captives we represent

Testimonial: Eric Newburg, Chief Financial Officer, Diaz Foods

“After years of receiving premium quotes the day of renewal with continual increases regardless of performance, we decided to make the insurance line a profit center instead of simply an increasing cost line. As a result of that decision and McGriff’s constant support, that decision has literally and figuratively paid dividends. I highly encourage all companies to consider joining a captive!”

Testimonial: F. Christian Haab, Jr., CEO, F.C. Haab Co., Inc.

“Our company was founded in 1949. For almost 50 years, we insured our major lines through traditional insurance. We had a very solid relationship with our long-term broker. However, premiums trended upwards every year, and we listened when Brian Crochiere of McGriff approached us about the captive concept. I attended several informational sessions with McGriff and Captive Resources, and as our interest became serious, I was invited to attend the August 1998 board meeting in Montreal. I came back from that board meeting having witnessed the strength of the membership group and the professionalism of the Captive Resources team. I concluded that this was something we HAD to do! While we had a difficult time ‘breaking up’ with our former insurance broker, we made the leap of faith to Churchill Casualty through McGriff, and we have not looked back since. The captive concept has helped us greatly reduce our premiums while helping control our risk and, as a privately owned company, returned distributions to the owners every year. I can’t imagine now that we ever had reservations about joining!” 

Testimonial: Don Mikes, President & CEO, Hoober, Inc.

“Our company, Hoober, Inc., has been in the captive since 2006. The benefits have gone far beyond the dollar savings, which have been significant. With the help of McGriff and the captive, we have transformed our safety culture, which has improved every aspect of our business. Our employees know that their safety and well-being is our top priority, and this shift in focus came directly from being part of the captive.”

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