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Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond  (Article)

Prevent Theft While Traveling  (Article)

Client Advisory: Insurance Implications of the COVID-19 Mandate – The Emergency Temporary Standard  (Article)

Holiday Party Planning Tips  (Article)

Protect Your Home From Fires  (Article)

Client Advisory: Representations and Warranties Insurance Top Claims Trends for 2021  (Article)

How to Prepare Your Property for Cold Weather  (Article)

Market Update: Executive Lines Public Company D&O Liability Insurance  (Article)

How to Recognize Phishing Emails  (Article)

Client Advisory: Sanctions Risk in Ransomware  (Article)

How to Mitigate Risk When Employing Staff in Your Home  (Article)

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Refrigerator  (Article)

7 Fire Pit Safety Tips  (Article)

International Travel Tips During COVID-19  (Article)

Benefits of a Standby Generator for Your Home  (Article)

How to Protect Your Child from Cyberbullying  (Article)

Compassion Fatigue: Beyond Burnout  (Article)

August is National Immunization Awareness Month  (Article)

Beginner's Guide to Collecting Whiskey  (Article)

Protect Your Confidential Data  (Article)

Fatal Car Accidents Increased 7% in 2020  (Article)

How to Create a Home Inventory  (Article)

Creating a Legacy by Maximizing IRA Assets  (Article)

5 Reasons Why You Need Renters Insurance  (Article)

9 Reasons to Review Your Insurance Coverage  (Article)

10 Home Theft Prevention Tips  (Personal Resource)

Swimming Pool Safety Tips  (Article)

5 Tips for the Best RV Road Trip  (Article)

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident  (Article)

How to Spot Contractor Fraud  (Article)

How to Insure Your Home-Based Business  (Article)

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home  (Article)

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

How to Talk to Your Teen About Safe Driving  (Article)

5 Home Renovations That Affect Your Insurance  (Article)

The Biometric Information Privacy Act  (Article)

Protect Your Home with Automatic Water Shut-Off System  (Article)

How to Stay Safe During a Tornado  (Article)

Common Email Scams  (Article)

3 Most Common Places for Jewelry Theft  (Article)

How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season  (Article)

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as a Valuable Retirement Account  (Article)

Client Advisory: Employment Law Trends and Potential Impact on EPL Insurance Claims  (Article)

Client Advisory: Public Company D&O Liability Insurance Market Update  (Article)

Do I Need Flood Insurance?  (Article)

7 Security Tips for Your Vacation Home  (Article)

Experts Predict Another Active Hurricane Season in the Atlantic  (Article)

Navigating the Hard Property and Casualty Insurance Market: Strategies for Apartment Owners  (Article)

Checklist: How to Prepare Your Business for Hurricane Season  (Article)

Client Advisory: Fiduciary Liability – Excessive Fee Litigation  (Article)

10 Tips for Boating Season  (Article)

The importance of policy reviews - not only for uncertain times  (Article)

American Rescue Plan Act: Implications for Defined Benefit Plans  (Article)

8 Things to Do Before Buying a Classic Car  (Article)

How Moving Affects Your Auto and Homeowners Insurance  (Article)

Client Advisory: Microsoft Exchange Server Attack  (Article)

Should You Fix or Sell Your Boat?  (Article)

COVID-19: Avoiding “Summit Fever”  (Industry News)

Client Advisory: SolarWinds Update  (Industry News)

COVID 19 FAQ  (Article)

Home Warranty FAQs  (Article)

Year-Round Home Maintenance Checklist  (Article)

10 Tips for Safe Winter Driving  (Article)

Client Advisory: Diversity and Derivatives  (Article)

Client Advisory: Legal Update for Companies Incorporated in Delaware  (Article)

Top 3 Fraud Risks for High-Net-Worth Families  (Article)

Client Advisory: Cyber Market Update, September 2020  (Article)

Client Advisory: Public Company D&O Insurance Market Update - August 2020  (Article)

How COVID-19 Impacts Homeowners Insurance  (Article)

Insurance Rates Increasing on Coastal Properties  (Article)

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes  (Article)

10 Ways to Mitigate Risks with Horses  (Article)

Cyber Alert: OFAC Ransomware Guidance  (Article)

6 Ways to Protect Your Wine Collection  (Article)

Planning the Perfect Fall Foliage Trip  (Article)

Keeping Truck Drivers Healthy and Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic  (Article)

Property Loss During COVID 19  (Article)

Coronavirus Advisory: Cybersecurity Measures  (Article)

Helping Employees with Financial Insecurity  (Article)

Commercial Property - Building Vacancy Advisory  (Article)

Obesity And COVID-19  (Article)

HR Strategy: Planning for the Return to Normal  (Article)

Coronavirus Advisory: Communicating During Crisis  (Article)

Risk Management Issues in the Trucking Industry  (Article)

COVID Relief For Defined Benefit Plans  (Article)

COVID-19 Return to Work Checklist  (Article)

CARES Act Summary  (Article)

Assessing and Navigating Declines in Pension Assets in the Wake of COVID-19  (Article)

Getting the Workforce Back to Work  (Article)

HR Strategy: Crisis Preparedness Plans  (Article)

Retirement Relief Provisions of the CARES Act  (Article)

COVID-19: Families First Coronavirus Response Act  (Article)

Coronavirus Advisory: Pharmacy  (Article)

COVID-19: Potential Impact to 2020 Financial Performance for Private Insurers  (Article)

Cutting Through the COVID Clutter  (Article)

Coronavirus Scams  (Article)

Business Email Compromise, Fraudulent Funds Transfers, and Insurance Coverage Implications  (Article)

COVID-19: Bracing for Impacts  (Article)

Choosing a D&O Renewal Date  (Article)

D&O Insurance  (Article)

8 Safety Tips to Prevent Boating Accidents  (Article)

What to Do Before, During and After a Flood  (Article)

2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season  (Article)

4 Facts About Sinkholes and Insurance  (Article)

Insurance Tips for Your College Grad  (Article)

Boat Insurance FAQs  (Article)

Employment Practices Liability Insurance  (Article)

Safety and Liability Tips for Dog Owners  (Article)

Common Misconceptions ERISA ACA Compliance  (Article)

Reducing Health Care Costs  (Article)

Loss of Income. Are You Protected?  (Article)

Another Take on Actuarial Value  (Article)

Association Health Plans Conversation  (Article)

Health and Welfare Considerations in M&A Deal  (Article)

Payroll and HR Bandwidth Considerations  (Article)

Leadership That Drives Results  (Article)

Musculoskeletal Disorders  (Article)

PCORI Mental Health Research Outcomes  (Article)

Employee Retention in Age of Choice  (Article)

Do I Need a Carbon Monoxide Detector?  (Article)

Attentive Driving Saves Lives  (Article)

News releases

McGriff appoints Scroggins as Chief Administrative Officer  (News Release)

Sanderson, Yelverton Promoted to Leadership Positions at McGriff  (News Release)

McGriff Hires Lewis for National Transportation Practice  (News Release)

McGriff Welcomes Carille to Environmental Practice  (News Release)

Vaccine mandate acceptance growing among employers, new McGriff survey shows  (News Release)

Scott joins McGriff’s Employee Benefits Practice  (News Release)

Read Davis, Renee Keen Named to Leadership Positions with McGriff  (News Release)

Gray Joins McGriff to Head Up New Employee Benefits Office in New York City  (News Release)

McGriff Employee Benefits announces first National Benefit Trends Survey  (News Release)

McGriff introduces new Digital, Data & Analytics Center of Excellence  (News Release)

Belisle joins McGriff’s Executive Risk Advisors Group  (News Release)

Hampel joins McGriff’s Executive Risk Advisors Group  (News Release)

Lighthouse Project community service effort still shines in a challenging year  (News Release)

McGriff to move its metro San Diego location to Mission Valley  (News Release)

Larson joins McGriff as National Risk Control Director  (News Release)

McGriff Introduces New On-Demand Excess Liability Product for Freight Brokers  (News Release)

McGriff Names Dessauer New Leader of West Region  (News Release)

McGriff Partners with Clients to Provide Hot Meals to Health Care Heroes  (News Release)

McGriff Expands Real Estate & Hospitality Practice  (News Release)

McGriff Rolls Out New Consolidated Website as Part of Rebranding Campaign  (News Release)

McGriff Launches McGriff Captive Solutions  (News Release)

Standing With You During Isaias  (News Release)

McGriff Statement on Equality, Safety and Justice  (News Release)

McGriff Acquires Peak Health  (News Release)

McGriff Rebrands  (News Release)

Precept Rebrands to McGriff  (News Release)

Standing With You During Hurricane Dorian  (News Release)

BB&T Insurance Services of California Rebrands  (News Release)

Here to Help in the Wake of Barry  (News Release)

BB&T Insurance Services Rebrands as McGriff Insurance Services  (News Release)

BB&T Insurance Holdings Acquires Regions Insurance Group  (News Release)

BB&T SunTrust Combine Merger of Equals  (News Release)

Standing With You for Hurricane Michael Landfall  (News Release)

BB&T SunTrust Merger No Impact on McGriff Clients  (News Release)

Standing With You During Hurricane Florence  (News Release)

Here to Help in the Wake of Florence  (News Release)

Here to Help in the Wake of Michael  (News Release)


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January 2020 Business Insurance Newsletter  (Newsletter)

Success stories

Condominium Association  (Business Success Story)

Dairy Farm  (Business Success Story)

Department of Transportation Audit  (Business Success Story)

Education Practice  (Business Success Story)

Energy Client: Transformer Asset Management  (Business Success Story)

Family Restaurant Chain  (Business Success Story)

Hotel Management  (Business Success Story)

Hurricane Advocacy  (Business Success Story)

Pizza Delivery Franchisee  (Business Success Story)

Private School  (Business Success Story)

Public School  (Business Success Story)

Recreation Club  (Business Success Story)

Recycling Business  (Business Success Story)

Restaurant  (Business Success Story)

Senior Living Nonprofit  (Business Success Story)

Solar and Wireless  (Business Success Story)

Trucking Company  (Business Success Story)


May We Say Thank You: Client Appreciation Video  (Video)

McGriff Sales Center  (Video)

McGriff Holiday Greeting  (Video)

McGriff Holiday Greeting  (Video)

Boating Safety  (Video)

This is McGriff  (Video)

COVID-19: Managing Risks in the Workplace  (Video)

Executive Risk Considerations  (Video)

Examining Cyber Security Risks  (Video)

Benefits Administration Technology  (Video)

COVID-19: HR and Employee Benefit Challenges  (Video)


Decoding Cyber Risks: Mock Cyber Event – Ransomware Breach (May 2021)  (Webinar)

Decoding Cyber Risks: Cyber Threat Trends of 2020  (Webinar)

Decoding Cyber Risks: Regulatory Landscape  (Webinar)

Decoding Cyber Risks: Avoiding Mistakes in Cyber Claims  (Webinar)

Decoding Cyber Risks: Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) Deep Dive  (Webinar)

White papers

Peak Health Case Study: Truist  (White Paper)

2021 National Benefit Trends Survey Results  (White Paper)

McGriff Market Update: Fall 2021  (White Paper)

Weathering the Storm 2021  (White Paper)

Spring 2021 McGriff Market Update  (Article)

Special Litigation Committees: Part 1  (White Paper)

Looking Ahead: 10 Things E&C Leaders Must Consider in a Post-Pandemic World  (White Paper)

Hail Risk Mitigation to Differentiate your PV Solar Project with the Insurance Industry  (White Paper)

Transportation Market Update: Q1 2021  (White Paper)

Weathering the Storm  (White Paper)

Transportation Market Update, April 2020  (White Paper)

A New Prescription for Health Management  (White Paper)

On-Site Clinics Compliance Concerns  (White Paper)

Self-Funded Client Trends and Stop-Loss Marketplace  (White Paper)

HSAs and Spouses On Medicare  (White Paper)

Look Back Measurement Method Reduction of Hours  (White Paper)

Taxation Of Group Term Life Insurance  (White Paper)

Best Practices Plan Compliance  (White Paper)

Protecting Against the High Cost of Cyberfraud  (White Paper)

Employment Practices Liability  (White Paper)

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