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8 Boating Safety Tips

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Eight boating safety tips to prevent accidents.

One: Take a boating safety course.

Human error is the number one cause of boating accidents, so it’s important to learn how to properly operate and navigate your boat.

Two: Make sure all passengers wear life jackets that fit properly. Especially children.

Three: Have the proper safety equipment on board.

Such as: fire extinguishers, flares, navigation lights, a sound-producing device (whistle, horn, or siren), first-aid kit, anchor, and a life jacket for every person on board.

Four: Watch weather and water conditions carefully.

Five: Don’t drink alcohol while operating the boat.

Drinking and boating is against the law, and risks the safety of everyone on board. Alcohol is involved in about one third of all recreational boating fatalities.

Six: Maintain a safe speed.

Seven: Don’t overload your boat.

Having too much weight on board can cause your boat to become unbalanced and risk capsizing.

Eight: Protect yourself with boat insurance.

Boat insurance can protect you from:

Damage to your boat

Injuries to your passengers

Liabilities if involved in a boating accident with another vessel

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