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Family Restaurant Chain

McGriff Risk Services assists client to reduce their claim frequency

Business issue

A family restaurant chain was looking to partner with an insurance broker that could, among other things, help decrease workers’ compensation losses. Although the business had a dedicated team to manage safety and claims, frequent losses were impacting the experience mod, resulting in rising insurance premiums. After evaluating their options, the client selected McGriff to help solve their problem.

Action plan

Partnering with the McGriff agency team and carrier, McGriff’s Risk Services closely analyzed the claims and developed the following plan:

  • Safety training on slip, trip and fall hazards including accident investigation
  • A new six-step safety program that included management commitment, safety incentives, safety teams, spill control program, slip-resistant footwear and a return-to-work program
  • Additional recommendations including eye wash bottles, floor matting system, floor fans and the use of personal protective equipment
  • Ongoing safety meetings with general managers and supervisors at several locations
  • Formalized claim reviews and large loss advocacy to lower reserves and close claims
  • Transitional return to work program to lower claim severity and improve employee morale


Over a 3-year period the claim frequency was reduced by 50 percent and the experience modification factor was reduced by 20 percent. Not only did the client receive a $350,000 dividend check reflecting their improved claim experience, the workers’ compensation carrier recognized the client and their workplace safety program during the carrier’s annual meeting.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

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