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Dairy farm quickly resumes operations following claim advocacy provided by triage specialist

Business issue

As a result of a severe storm with heavy rain and high winds, a McGriff client in the dairy farm business sustained property damage to four buildings and some business equipment. The damaged equipment was used to plant corn and water the crops. It was the beginning of the planting season for our client, and the damaged equipment was vital to their operation. Our client discovered the irrigation pivot on the damaged equipment could not be repaired and was very concerned about the impact this would have on their ability to produce a crop if the claim was not expedited. The adjuster placed a $1 million reserve on the claim resulting in it being sent to the carrier’s home office for approval. After experiencing little progress over the next four weeks, the McGriff agent referred the claim to a claim triage specialist with the McGriff Risk Services for assistance.

Action plan

The claim triage specialist contacted the adjuster to determine the coverage position and when payment for the property loss and equipment damaged could be expected. Communicating the need to expedite the claim to avoid a significant loss of income to the client, the specialist provided a replacement cost estimate for the irrigation pivot and explained the use of the equipment to help the adjuster understand why it was so important to the client’s operation. Additionally, they called for a more thorough examination of the damaged buildings and a reevaluation of the repairs that were needed.


Advocating for the client, the McGriff claim triage specialist and the business insurance agent were instrumental in obtaining an immediate $99,000 payment to the client for the replacement irrigation pivot. The client was able to plant the crop on time, averting the loss of income. An immediate valuation of the building damages was performed and an additional $68,982 payment was made, resolving all of the claim issues. The client was very appreciative of the claim advocacy provided by the McGriff representatives and the ability to resume farm operations.

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