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Consultant assists client to improve driving behaviors and DOT scores

Business issue

A longtime, very large McGriff client in the trucking industry was concerned about their unacceptable “unsafe driving” DOT Basic score. Over several years the score was gradually worsening to reach the current critical state. Of equal concern was the knowledge that their current insurance carrier would no longer be offering coverage for transportation fleets and they would have to find a new carrier at renewal. It would be important for the company to enhance their safety program to improve the marketability of their insurance program. Their McGriff agent realized immediate action was needed and contacted a risk control consultant with the McGriff Risk Services to assist.

Action plan

The McGriff risk control consultant spent time with the company safety director to perform a comprehensive review of their DOT compliance program. As expected, the administrative files were immaculate. It became clear the root cause of the unacceptable DOT score was the result of drivers receiving moving citations and failing roadside inspections.

Although the risk control consultant had supplied training materials in the past and had attended driver safety meetings to provide an overview on DOT scores and how they affect insurance, additional guidance was needed.

Using a new software that offered an in-depth review of their Basic scores, the consultant was able to extrapolate more than 1,500 violations to determine which unsafe driving categories were causing the escalated score. By identifying three specific citation categories on which to focus and greatly reduce the overall BASIC score, the consultant was able to provide guidance and training to address those specific areas. They included speeding violations 5-10 mph over the limit, speeding violations 11-14 mph over the limit and seat belt violations.

The report was presented to management and included in their three phase corrective action plan to address driver citations for the unsafe driver categories.


Over the next year the unsafe driving score was lowered by 9 percent. Their improvement trend combined with a specific action plan is a definite indicator their safety program is headed in the right direction. Equally important, however, the McGriff risk control consultant has helped them to improve safe driving behaviors and position their company for more favorable insurance premiums when their account is marketed at renewal.

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