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Client advocacy gets claim paid

Business issue

A tropical storm caused an interruption of power to a client’s fire pump system which was permanently installed in a pump house on the premises. When the power came back on, the surge caused the pump to run excessively and catch fire. The client immediately replaced the system to keep their property owners safe, but failed to retain the damaged equipment.

A claim was submitted under the client’s equipment breakdown policy, but was denied because the client had already discarded the damaged fire pump system and it could not be inspected. When the client turned to their property policy, the carrier indicated the pump system and pump house was not listed on the policy and denied coverage. The client contacted their McGriff agent for assistance.

Action plan

The agent and a triage specialist with McGriff Risk Services collaborated to determine why the equipment and pump house was not listed on the policy. They located and presented to the carrier’s adjuster the original application showing that coverage for the equipment and the pump house was clearly requested at a designated location on the premises.


The adjuster agreed coverage should be afforded under the policy and the client received payment of $49,896 after their deductible was applied. Now understanding the importance of retaining damaged equipment for inspection when an insurance claim is pending, the client was grateful for their broker relationship and the claim advocacy provided by the McGriff triage specialist.

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