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5 Tips for the Best RV Road Trip

Whether you have a fifth wheel or a full-sized motor home, setting out on an RV road trip is a memorable adventure. Here are some tips to help you plan your route and enjoy your trip. 

1. Use an online trip planner

Two popular online trip planners are and the Good Sam Club (this one requires a membership, but it’s the largest organization of RV owners in the world).  You can set guidelines, such as avoiding highways or low clearances, and get a route customized to you.

2. Bring printed maps and atlases

While we all have smartphones with navigation, it’s smart to keep those low-tech options on hand too. Sometimes you may find yourself in an area without Internet service. Atlases for commercial truck drivers, in particular, can be useful, because they highlight some of the same things you need to consider for your RV, such as the height of overpasses, road widths, etc.

3. Book national park campgrounds well in advance

A popular RV destination is our nation’s beautiful national parks. However, particularly during peak travel seasons, many national park campgrounds get booked up six months to a year in advance. Make sure you check availability before setting your heart on seeing Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon and other iconic landmarks.

4. Know your vehicle

It’s tempting to just take the height specifications from your manual, but it’s better to know for sure. Measure your RV from the ground to the highest item on the roof. After confirming the measurement, stick it on a label inside your windshield so it’s always visible. 

5. Make sure you have the right RV insurance

RV insurance can be very different from car insurance, with many different factors to consider. When shopping for RV insurance, make sure you consider coverage that includes:

  • Personal items, such as your clothing, electronics and tools.
  • Accessories like awnings, antennas, satellite dishes, etc.
  • Emergency funds to pay for temporary living expenses—such as a hotel stay and car rental—if your recreational vehicle is involved in an accident more than 50 miles from home.
  • Fire, flood and theft to insure both your recreational vehicle and its contents.

Hitting the road in an RV can be one of the best ways to see this beautiful country. At McGriff, we’re here to make sure you’re protected while out on the road.

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