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3 Most Common Places for Jewelry Theft

Tips from Jewelers Mutual Group on protecting your jewelry

May 5, 2020

Whether it’s a pearl necklace, prized watch, or diamond ring that’s been passed down for generations, having a valued piece of jewelry stolen is something you never want to think about—but it can happen to anyone. That’s why it’s important to stay vigilant and protect your jewelry at all times. Here are some tips from our partners at Jewelers Mutual Group to keep your jewelry safe in the three most common places where jewelry is stolen.

1. Your home

Unfortunately, the most common place where thieves steal jewelry is from your own home. In fact, in addition to break-ins, thieves have also been known to swipe small valuables—even during an open house if your home is on the market. Below are some tips to protect your jewelry and other valuables at home.

  • Keep anything of value locked up and out of sight anytime you have people in your home you don’t know well — such as contractors, painters, maids, and babysitters.
  • Store your jewelry in a secure location other than your dresser drawers or jewelry box, especially when you have guests in your home.
  • Install and use quality locks on your doors and windows, including deadbolts on main entries.
  • Use security cameras. In addition to deterring would-be thieves, security cameras can also help you identify thieves if a burglary occurs.
  • Make it look like you're home even when you’re away. Thieves often watch a home for signs of “life” before breaking and entering. Especially when you’re away on a trip, be sure to use automatic timers on interior and exterior lights, place a hold on your mail (or have it picked up by a trustworthy neighbor), and hire someone to keep your yard groomed.

2. Your car

Your vehicle is the second most common place where jewelry is stolen.

Thieves often steal first and think about the value later. For example, thieves may smash car windows just to grab a bag or rummage through the console just to see if there’s anything worth swiping. Below are some tips to keep your valuables safe in your car:

  • Don’t leave anything of value in plain sight. For example, never leave valuables in the cup holder or side door compartments.
  • Lock your doors and roll up your windows when you leave your vehicle, even if you think you're in a low-crime area. Many cars get broken into within the first few seconds after the driver steps out of sight.
  • Protect your garage door opener. If you park outside your home instead of in the garage, don’t leave your garage door opener in the vehicle. Thieves can then use the garage door opener to gain access to other vehicles and valuables in your garage.

3. The gym

Gyms are a common place for thieves to steal jewelry. While you're toning those muscles and working up a sweat, make sure your jewelry stays where you left it. Here’s how:

  • Buy a container for your key ring and use it as a safe place to tuck your small jewelry rather than leaving it floating in your gym bag.
  • Lock your gym locker if you store any jewelry there.
  • If possible, keep valuables secured at home when going to the gym. Working out is one of many activities you shouldn't do with your ring on anyway.

How to protect your jewelry for peace of mind

It’s important to make sure your jewelry and other valuables are protected in case those precious items are ever damaged, lost or stolen. Here at McGriff, we've arranged for the Jewelers Mutual Group to bring our customers valuable information about protecting your purchase.

Interested in learning more about protecting your jewelry?

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