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Benefit Access Mobile App

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Benefit Access Mobile App

[MUSIC PLAYING] Our benefits mobile app makes using your health benefit accounts easy. Login, and you immediately see your available funds broken down by accounts. Click to see all the details-- Balance Info, account, activity and more. Ready to file a claim? Just take a picture of your receipts and upload it from your phone's camera. No fax or computer is necessary to substantiate your claims, or card transactions. And asking the question is as easy as clicking a button. Contact us and try it today. 


Online Claim Filing

[MUSIC PLAYING] Consumer Portal online claim filing. Online claim filing, simplifying the experience. Filing a claim is one of the most commonly performed tasks for consumers. The link is easily accessible within the I Want To section. 

As you make your way through the Claim Filing Wizard, you can see your real-time balances and plan filing rules on the left side navigation panel. In the first step, you will select which account, such as an HRA, limited-purpose FSA, or dependent care account the transaction will come from. Then you will determine if the payment will be made to yourself or someone else. If requesting a payment to a provider, you can select a provider you have previously used from the dropdown menu or enter new provider details for the transaction. 

If you have a receipt, you should upload it right away to allow for quick processing of the payment. Next, you will add the necessary details about your claims. If adding mileage, the wizard will automatically calculate the amount and add it to the total claim. As you proceed through the Claim Filing Wizard, you will see a summary of your claim information on the bottom of each page. 

Once you have entered the claim information, you will be taken to the Transaction Summary page, where you can make updates to your claims, add more transactions, or agree to the terms and conditions to submit the expense. 

You're almost finished. If you did not upload the receipt earlier, then you will see a link here to add the documentation, and your claim will be processed for reimbursement. 

Filing a claim on the Consumer Portal has never been easier. 


Flexible Spending Account

Having a solid health care plan to fall back on is reassuring. But when expenses that aren't covered by your health plan add up quickly, it knocks your comfort level down a few notches. With a Flexible Savings Account, out-of-pocket health care expenses are covered with pretax dollars. That means what you contribute to your FSA is reduced from your taxable income, giving you a significant tax break. And an FSA doesn't just cover out-of-pocket health expenses either. 

You can put money aside for daycare expenses with a Dependent Care FSA, so you're covered on all angles beyond on health care. And because it's all with pretax dollars, you're saving yourself a pretty penny. With an FSA, your funds are available 24/7, giving you the luxury of accessing your account information, transactions, and contributions online with our mobile app or with your prepaid benefits card. For more information on signing up for your Flexible Spending Account, contact your HR provider today.

Health Savings Account

Here's your health savings account. Funded with tax-free dollars, it's a smart way to pay for items not covered by your health insurance, like copays and prescriptions. And even though your employer can contribute to your HSA, if you leave your company, you take it with you. 

If you have money in it at the end of the year, it rolls over. And once your balance reaches a level set by your employer, you can invest it and grow it more. And get this-- once you hit retirement age, you can use your HSA for anything, even if it's not health care related. That means when you make regular contributions, even small ones, you're saving for retirement. 

So when you're offered an HSA, paired with a qualifying insurance plan, don't turn it down. The savings will surprise you. If you aren't offered one, talk to your employer about providing an HSA option. Quick online enrollment, combined with a benefits debit card anytime, anywhere. Retrieval of account information and the best mobile app in the industry simplifies the business of health care for both of you. 


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