Claims Consulting

When a claim occurs, our highly professional and experienced claims consultants will make sure the adjusting and settlement process goes as smoothly as possible. After all, since this is the time our clients need us the most, we’re committed to being there for them.

Our team of Claim Consultants focuses on areas that can have the most positive impact on your ultimate claim cost.

  • Client Advocacy – Reservation of Rights Letters & Denial Letters
  • Claim Reviews
  • Special Claim Handling Instructions
  • Large Loss Consultation
  • Time Element Analysis
  • Provider Evaluation & Selection
  • Claim Audit Consulting
  • Technical Coverage Analysis
  • Rapid Response for Major Loss Events

When a claim occurs, our team works closely with adjustors, insurers and attorneys to help our clients receive the quality claims service they deserve. Our primary goal is to advocate on behalf of our clients to help avoid unnecessary claim handling difficulties and to make sure that the ultimate settlement is appropriate.