Information Technology Risk

In an environment where efficiency and transparency are more important than ever, law firms are investing in IT platforms that provide around-the-clock access to information. We grant access to partners, associates, and clients on a secure, real-time basis, and in some instances, web portals are designed and hosted on law firm servers.

While this access leads to a dramatic decrease in administrative and research tasks, and provides better decision support and collaboration, these advantages come with emerging risks that may not be addressed through traditional risk management and insurance programs. These risks can result in both first- and third-party losses to the firm. You need contract governance for IT vendors, adequate IT business continuity/disaster recovery planning, and an up-to-date IT security plan. Millions of uninsured dollars and your reputation are at stake.

McGriff has experience in identifying and assessing these risks and can assist you in the development of both a risk mitigation solution (through contract governance and vendor risk management protocols) and an insurance solution.