Safety & Compliance

Increased profits are driven by excellent safety and compliance programs. Some think best practices are too costly and out of reach. They don’t have to be and we don’t think they should be. McGriff can help.

McGriff brings extensive experience in the areas of transportation management, safety, operations, administration and ownership. We not only have first-hand knowledge of today’s safety and compliance-related issues, but we also know how enhanced productivity and efficiency helps you make more money.

Our program goals will:

  • Help you understand CSA 2010 and how it affects you – and offer training to help make you compliant
  • Assist with DOT audits to avoid paying costly fines
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Improve safety
  • Identify training needs related to safety and compliance
  • Improve driver retention and efficiency
  • Build and intensify a safety and compliance culture

With McGriff’s ability to analyze critical business procedures and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions, we can help improve your bottom line.

Best practices and better profits are within your reach.  For more information, contact Jay Woodward, vice president.