Internet Truckstop

Internet Truckstop is the largest Internet-based freight matching and information services company in the country.  IT delivers more decision-supporting tools for success than any other freight matching service.

McGriff is the exclusive provider of insurance products and services to Internet Truckstop members with the following programs.


CargoMate is the per load cargo solution at a fraction of the standard cost. The process is simple and takes most users less than a minute to rate. Policy delivery is direct to both the motor carrier and their broker and customer.

Risk Purchasing Group

Internet Truckstop RPG provides the small trucker with competitively priced coverage just like the large fleets. It’s group purchasing power on track with your needs.

Occupational Accident

No matter your size, we have the best solution for Internet Truckstop members for Occupational Accident. Coverage is extremely broad with a $1 million limit and $700 weekly benefit and a monthly rate is as low as $110.  Call 888-878-5679 to get coverage today!


HealthMate provides affordable coverage for basic health care needs anywhere in the United States. It has first dollar coverage with no pre-existing exclusions or conditions. Coverage is available to the driver and/or family.


Fleet$avings is a business-to-business company offering owner/operators, private fleets and motor carriers group purchasing power and discounts on products and services such as fuel, tires, insurance, equipment, and financial services programs. Visit their site and discover why Fleet$avings is one of the fastest growing group buying programs in the transportation community.