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Choosing McGriff Adds Peace of Mind to Your Practice

Although we provide a broad array of services for those in the legal profession, most attorney clients rely on McGriff’s expertise in the area of professional liability. We have experienced team members in our Financial Services Division with expertise in large, complex professional liability claims – working in all major markets around the globe.

As an independent broker without international-owned subsidiaries or offices, McGriff offers law firms a major advantage based on our ability to select the best broker for any given niche of insurance. We are not mandated to use our owned offices as some of our larger competitors are. As much of the global capacity for large law firms comes from Lloyds, our ability to choose the best for our clients gives us flexibility in all London/European markets. 

What sets McGriff’s Lawyers' Professional Liability team apart from our competition?

  • Our team has a broad array of skills including underwriting, financial analysis, risk management, legal and actuarial.
  • The Financial Services Division has structured, placed, and serviced Management/Professional Liability programs contributing more than $1 billion in insurance proceeds toward ultimate settlement of litigation. This success is largely due to the senior-level claims attorneys who draft policy language on the front end.
  • We offer extensive experience in single-plaintiff and class-action litigation, including some of the most public settlements of the past decade.
  • We offer up-front negotiation of the carriers’ duties and obligations during the claim settlement process.
  • We have the experience across all professional liability lines and multiple industries to perform risk identification and analysis, and write policy language for significant emerging law firm risks such as: