Specialized Services

McGriff’s Specialized Services—Work Better. Work Faster.

McGriff CRS provides a portfolio of specialized services to help our construction industry clients implement their risk management programs, including MyWave, CertExchange, and ConfirmNet.


MyWave is a personalized website that provides access to hundreds of risk management documents and other tools. The following services are available through MyWave:


  • Safety Zone - Ready to print newsletters regarding Fleet Safety, Employee Protection, Organizational Safety and Personal Risk Management
  • Documents on Command - Instant access to a library of downloadable articles, brochures, forms, etc. regarding Cost Containment, Loss Control, Employee Communications and Worker’s Compensation Statutes for every state
  • Resources - Industry and topic-related website links


  • Online OSHA log - Helps in maintaining your OSHA log online
  • Reports & Analysis - Generates customized OSHA reports, including injury type, body part, group or divisions, etc.
  • FAQ Resources - Provides record keeping concepts and guidelines, legislative updates, etc.


McGriff is committed to ensuring that Certificates of Insurance (COI) are issued on a prompt and accurate basis. McGriff operates CertExchange, a state-of-the-art certificate issuance and management system, which features a variety of benefits.

  • Every function is accessed through the Internet. No local software is required.
  • The easy-to-use system is informative for anyone with COI experience.
  • Certificates are automatically sent to certificate holders and any other required party.
  • Retrieval of data can be viewed online or downloaded. These customizable features make certificates easy to handle, organize and monitor.
  • Renewal processes allow bulk issuance of certificates. You indicate which certificates should be renewed directly from the site.
  • Additional insured language can be tailored to your needs.


Recognizing the critical importance of properly executed certificates, McGriff has partnered with ConfirmNet/EBIX to provide construction clients with state-of-the-art certificate tracking services for inbound certificates of insurance.