Alternative Risk Transfer Options

A Range of Options for Alternative Risk Transfer

Although low-risk, guaranteed-cost insurance policies may have looked attractive in the past, market conditions today have forced many contractors to consider alternative risk financing programs. Our alternatives to traditional insurance solutions have helped establish our reputation as a progressive, risk-management-oriented construction broker.

CIRCA Advantages

  • Long-term solution for managing insurance costs
  • Stability for risk management program
  • Opportunity to capture underwriting and investment income
  • Equitable rating based on historical performance
  • Broad coverages
  • Interaction/partnering with other contractors (best practices)
  • Equity growth


An example of our commitment to the construction industry is our creation and sponsorship of Construction Insurance and Risk Captive of America Limited (CIRCA, Ltd.). A group reinsurance captive for contractors, CIRCA is designed to be a long-term profitable venture for its members, who are selected based on a commitment to industry best practices for safety and claims management.

The CIRCA, Ltd. program provides access to services and coverages that have been increasingly difficult to procure in the traditional insurance market, providing a platform of stability for our significant contractor client base.