Program Design

Proven Strategies for Program Design

Just as accurate design and engineering is important to a construction project, solid program design is equally vital to a risk management plan. McGriff integrates best management practices with innovative and traditional risk solutions to achieve the most cost-effective approach for our clients.

The following are our key strategies when tailoring a risk management program to meet your specific needs. These strategies have proven to be extremely effective in reducing the overall cost of risk for our construction industry clients.

Risk Financing

The CRS team evaluates financing options that make practical sense for you, whether it’s a captive insurance alternative, a highly leveraged deductible program, or a consolidated program approach for the construction team.

Safety Management Consulting

Reducing losses is the only certain way to control long-term insurance expenses. From pre-job assessments and safety program development to pre-project planning and training, safety professionals will work with you to implement a comprehensive safety program for your company.

Claims Management

Only with a properly managed claims program in place can the results of your losses be mitigated. Our experienced professionals take a proactive approach based on their unique knowledge of the claims process and intricate understanding of the construction industry.

Risk Allocation

Our risk management services include our unique Best Practices audit on contract documents to make sure that contract risks are allocated properly and in our client’s best interests. This service can be focused on one large project, or applied to a contractor’s overall work program.

Loss Analysis

McGriff analyzes your existing loss history to not only forecast expected losses, but to also understand how and why past losses occurred. This analysis is a critical step in overall program design and marketing activities.