From the food we eat to the cars we drive, chemicals are a critical part of our daily existence. Thus, the chemical industry includes many different facets of manufacturers, distributors, and users.  These businesses face a number of risks that require a keen understanding of both the chemical industry and the insurance marketplace. 

McGriff’s Chemical Practice Group understands that no two chemical risks are exactly alike. With clients ranging from fertilizer distributors to chemical manufacturers, we understand the chemical business and know how to craft creative solutions designed to address their insurance needs.

Our Chemical Practice Group consists of a dedicated team of individuals who focus on this segment of the marketplace, thereby ensuring that our clients work with technically qualified professionals – not generalists. These individuals maintain an in-depth awareness of the chemical insurance marketplace and are well prepared to structure comprehensive risk solutions regardless of a client’s appetite for risk assumption or transfer.  

Consequently, much like a basic chemical reaction, when our knowledge and experience are combined with a thorough understanding of the insurance marketplace, the expected outcome should be the development of a competitive insurance program designed specifically to address our clients risk exposures.

Examples of risks that are currently served by the McGriff, Seibels & Williams Chemical Practice Group are as follows:

  • Industrial Chemical Distributors
  • Fertilizer Applicators and Manufacturers
  • Industrial Chemical Manufacturers
  • Chemical Wholesalers
  • Agricultural Chemical Manufacturers
  • Pesticide Distributors and Manufacturers.

For questions on how our Chemical Practice Group can be of service to your organization, please see the contacts section to the right.