When it Comes to Manufacturing Risk,
Let McGriff Shoulder the Burden

Representative Clients Include:

  • Heavy equipment manufacturers
  • Oilfield products producers
  • Recreational vehicle manufacturers
  • Food processors
  • Automobile parts suppliers
  • Steel mills
  • Metallurgical plants
  • Pipe manufacturers
  • Metal fabricators - from large to small
  • Fireworks and other explosives manufacturers
  • Furniture manufacturers

Today’s manufacturer is under increased pressure from every conceivable angle. From foreign competition and governmental mandates, to the threat of litigation or employee issues, manufacturing is facing burdens that no other sector of the U.S. economy faces. In addition, as global competition increases and world markets open, more and more manufacturers are operating internationally. As a result, risk management issues are becoming increasingly complex—at a time when simply running your business is a challenge.

Today, it is imperative to partner with a broker that can relieve much of this burden from your shoulders. At McGriff, we will supplement your risk management team, or act as your outsourced risk management department. Our experienced team has operated risk management programs for manufacturers ranging from single-location rural plants to international manufacturers with multiple facilities around the world.  MSW has managed placements for product manufacturers that the traditional insurance marketplace deems uninsurable and routinely deal with issues that large employers face, ranging from plant safety to program collateral.

Areas of Experience

With a senior-level management team with years of experience in manufacturing risk, we understand your business. McGriff has expertise in wide-ranging areas such as:

  • Global programs
  • Tough products liability placements
  • Collateral negotiations
  • Plant and product safety
  • EPL issues
  • Business Interruption valuations and recovery
  • Qualified self-insurance and other “non-traditional” yet conservative placements
  • Complex claim adjudication



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