Financial Services Division

Executive Protection

When it comes to Executive Risk protection and crisis control, you want a proven leader that combines depth and experience with a thorough understanding of current law and new legislation as it impacts your risk transfer decisions. We believe McGriff, Seibels & Williams has one of the most knowledgeable Executive Risk teams in the country. Our team of professionals works diligently with you to fully understand your exposures and challenges so we can effectively represent your unique risk profile in the ever-changing insurance marketplace. Our objective is to closely work with underwriters to design a program for you that provides broad terms and conditions so that when you do have a claim, there are fewer areas of dispute.

Nobody’s Better in a Crisis

When your company is facing financial duress, bankruptcy, or contentious shareholder litigation, the McGriff Executive Risk team is your best ally. We thoroughly assess the insurance market’s response to the circumstances and use our experience, leverage and influence to negotiate mutually agreeable resolutions. We work closely with your leadership to craft a marketing strategy designed to achieve the optimal program structure, which will serve as a more comprehensive and customized solution to better plan for similar difficulties in the future. We help clients move quickly to achieve successful outcomes in situations where our competitors have fallen short. 

Education is Key

Keeping you up to date on the rapidly changing terrain of executive risk allows your company to appreciate and understand the many variables influencing your insurance purchasing decision. It also makes it easier to devise a prospective action plan that best navigates dynamic market conditions. McGriff regularly offers a range of client education opportunities through periodic white papers, annual seminars and client alerts. 

Need More Proof? 

Executive Risk is McGriff’s fastest growing specialty practice serving over 60 Fortune 1000 Clients. We believe our team of highly experienced professionals is what separates us from the competition and has been the primary factor in corporations choosing McGriff, Seibels & Williams as their Executive Risk broker.