Achieving Best in Class Compliance

Eight Components to Ensure Risk Control/Safety Program Success

  • Commitment from management
  • Awareness
  • Employee accountability
  • Supervisor and employee training
  • Safety committee involving management, supervisors and employees
  • Hazard identification and methods of control
  • Accident and incident review investigation
  • Periodic review of the program

"Compliance-only" based safety programs will not produce real and sustainable results.

The underlying behavior or “culture” of an organization impacts its safety programs success or failure. McGriff believes safety should not be subordinate to production, quality, or other mission goals; but integrated into the mission statement and held up as an equal to other goals.

  • We’ve found most companies have the basics in place: management support & commitment exhibited by policy statements and use of Safety Directors/Committees, inspections, and accident investigations
  • Awareness driven through handouts, safety signs & posters, and training
  • Recognition delivered through incentives.

To reach Best in Class safety status, companies need to go beyond these fundamentals to include accountabilities, culture and shift in behaviors.

A strategy is needed to identify weakness in otherwise strong fundamentals, correct the weaknesses and build on existing success. McGriff’s team of professionals can assist your firm in moving toward a Best in Class safety program.

We believe the components of a Best in Class Safety model include:

  • A Vision and Commitment to be World Class and Best in Class
  • Senior Management Leadership
  • Establishment of Targets and Accountability
  • Commitment to Core Values: customers, quality and safety
  • Use of Consistent Processes
  • Achievement of Results
  • Sustainable—ability to adapt to change

At McGriff, our professionals strive to become a part or extension of your risk management team. We are flexible and responsive to changing circumstances; therefore, are willing to work with our clients as we develop a service strategy, as well as scope of involvement, based on a true partnership with them.