Intellectual Property

The commitment to maximize and protect the value of intellectual property (IP) has never been greater. As an industry leader in this sector, McGriff has witnessed our clients shift toward supplementing their IP strategies with intellectual property insurance solutions to address:

  • Defense for allegations brought by patent trollers
  • Trade secret vulnerabilities
  • Abatement coverage to enforce patent rights on new products and to insulate product profit margins from unnecessary erosion
  • Software copyright infringement and loss of use of critical applications during injunction
  • Diluted value of trademarks and service marks from Lanham Act violations
  • Media liabilities for online content, advertising and social networking
  • Loss of proprietary and critical information assets as a result of cyber crimes, terrorism and/or rogue employees

Regardless of the IP challenge your company faces, McGriff will assemble a dedicated team to customize a mono-line or blended risk transfer solution that meets your unique objectives. Our programs can help treat developing exposures in network security, network interruption, privacy liability and other professional liabilities associated with the use and provision of technology and electronic data management.

We are equipped to provide our clients with comprehensive network and privacy exposure assessments, policy gap analysis and risk treatment alternatives for consideration and placement. We regularly monitor and report on litigation and claims trends from cyber crimes, data security breaches and intellectual property infringement. We strongly believe that our role is to provide well researched insight on network and professional liability exposures and to offer quality counsel to our clients on a full array of options for effectively mitigating and transferring the risks associated with electronic assets, systems and technology.