Employee Benefits

At McGriff, we proactively identify products and technologies that can improve the quality and effectiveness of our clients’ benefits programs. In addition to research, marketing, and cost-containment assistance, we offer value-added services such as online access to benefit information and claims analysis. We will provide clear, concise employee communication materials as well as regulatory compliance assistance.

Our Programs and Products:

  • Group programs, such as medical, dental, life, accident, disability, vision and Medicare carveout
  • Network based programs (HMO, POS, OA and PPO)
  • Consumer-based health solutions
  • Funding methods, such as conventional fully insured, alternate funding or self-funded
  • Voluntary products, such as life, disability and cancer
  • Retirement 401(k)
  • Reinsurance
  • Pharmacy benefit management
  • International benefits
  • Wellness and disease management
  • Integrated disability management

With a retention rate of greater than 95%, our clients are our best referrals.

Our Benefits Professionals Provide a Wide Range of Expertise

Financial Analysis

McGriff can help you assess where you are today and provide resources to plan for tomorrow. We’ll review all aspects of your benefits program and present you with non-traditional financial alternatives.

Benefit Design, Analysis and Administration

Our team of professionals performs a thorough analysis of your benefits programs, presents you with our findings and offers you creative alternatives. We’ll check for compliance with all state and federal regulations, review your need for voluntary benefit plans, provide and conduct employee surveys, evaluate cost-containment techniques, and provide you with enrollment assistance. We also have in-depth experience and extensive knowledge in developing consumer based programs.

Employee Communication

McGriff will provide clear and concise communication to notify your employees about plan changes and educate them on healthcare trends and wellness issues. Communication components we offer include payroll stuffers, newsletters, brochures, and web-based enrollment portals. We can also assist you with employee surveys and benefit statements.

Claims Management

Our professionals will help you manage the claims resolution process on a day-to-day basis, and keep you posted on developing patterns and trends. We can also file and audit self-funded stop-loss claims with your insurers.

Reporting Capabilities

McGriff will help you gain a better understanding of the financial aspects of your benefits program by providing extensive reports, such as accrual analysis; renewal projections; profit and loss analysis; and overall cost management analysis. In addition, our in-house team also performs benchmarking analysis to help determine how your benefits program compares to those of your closest competitors.

Additional Services

McGriff can tailor programs that fit your company’s unique needs. Our experts can provide a variety of special services, which include preparation of requests for proposals, monitoring of your plans on an ongoing basis, and preparation of summary plan descriptions and required ERISA and DOL reports, as well as negotiations with insurance providers. 


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