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Loss Prevention Program Implementation

A large manufacturer of communication cable wiring with plants located across the country—each employing an average of 400 employees—had little to no safety audit program in place to ensure compliance with Best Management Practice (BMP) general safety programs nor with applicable OSHA regulations. McGriff’s Risk Consulting Services was asked to design an audit checklist and to assist with the training of plant management on the checklist components. At the beginning of the process, all plants were surveyed and graded with the pass/fail checklist. No plant scored above a "Fair" rating (80-89%). In fact, four of the five plants scored below 75%. McGriff Risk Consulting Services began working with the designated safety sponsors assigned to each of the 21 Best Practice/OSHA standards related programs listed on the pass/fail checklist. After 18 months working with the Safety Sponsors on a semi-annual basis to provided training on their respective OSHA programs, as well as to conduct additional plant audits with the management team, all five plants scored in the "Excellent" range (95% or higher) with respect to program compliance. Besides preparing them for the trials of a true OSHA Inspection, secondary benefits of the process included reduced Total Recordable Injury Rates at all plants, and major improvements in housekeeping, machine guarding and electrical safety. In addition, one of the five plants was recommended for OSHA’s SHARP program.