Program Services, Features & Options

McGriff International Program Services & Features

We have extensive experience in implementing global programs, and we offer access to qualified local brokers where you need them. You choose the best local representative with access to the markets you need, without being limited by pre-negotiated network restrictions.

Our team of professionals can:

  • Develop an international insurance manual for your risk management department
  • Arrange local policies
  • Provide regular status reports for each country
  • Offer summaries of local insurance
  • Review contracts for local law compliance
  • Provide pre-arrangement of claim service requirements

Broker and Underwriter Options

It’s always important to partner with a local broker that adds value and represents your risk management philosophy. As a major independent broker, we have the flexibility to ensure our client’s local representation is the best possible choice in each country of operation.

McGriff has no corporate mandates in terms of markets or wholesale brokers with whom we do business. We maintain personal relationships with those proven to have a great reputation for client service and responsiveness. We’ve established partnerships with local brokers all over the world to ensure that our clients receive the best coverage and service for their local placements.

Unlike other brokers that own and operate rigid global brokerage networks, we offer multiple options for your local coverage needs. These options may include:

  • Independent local brokers
  • Local brokers operating within our competitors' networks
  • Preferred local brokers who have served the client well through an existing or previous business relationship